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Six Mile Ranch: Trail riding and ranching experiences

Roger and Wanda Williams own and operate Six Mile RanchROGER AND WANDA WILLIAMS own and operate Six Mile Ranch, which is a small, family run, cow/calf ranch operation. Their daughter Terra and her husband Eli, bought the neighbouring Three Circle Ranch in 2002 (once owned by Wanda's father, Lester Dorsey). Between the two families, they run about 400 head and maintain a herd of approximately 50 head of horses. For years, the cattle have been the mainstay of the operation, with trail riding (Itcha and Ilgatchuz Mountain Outfitters) mostly "only an excuse to keep all these horses" as Wanda says. Besides, "we enjoy the time showing off our beautiful country almost as much as our guests enjoy the experience. It is our holiday too!" Terra has worked with her parents on and off in the trail ride and ranching business for most of her life and her husband Eli (also from an outfitting family) has grown to love the Chilcotin country and lifestyle. Together they'd like to not only grow in their trailride business, but also expand and offer you a new adventure . . . . the true ranch holiday.

The genuine, gracious hospitality, top quality horses, great food and unique mountain terrain, accessible right out of the corral, all made for a wonderful ride. We have returned for several rides and look forward to even more in the future. - Chris, Edmonton

Experience the Chilcotin Mountains on horsebackThe packages we offer are for small groups only; we are not a dude ranch. In fact, we need to stress that you will be part of our family and our home, this is not a resort-type setting. You might find yourself eating supper with the tired haying crew, watching horses be saddled and packed for an outgoing trailride or wandering past Roger monkey -wrenching in the shop. We would like to take you through 'real time' on the ranch, not staged. Certain activities, such as branding, 'turn out', first round up, summer range drive, fall round up etc. will be done only at the time of year it is normally done on the ranch. In between these times, we are constantly riding range, keeping an eye on the doings and health of the cows. Guests would work directly with us, becoming as involved as they chose to be. Choose the time of year that works best for you to visit us, and we'll let you know what is happening on the ranch! Or, if you specifically want to go on the summer drive, for example, look for the dates. Remember, because we are on 'ranch time', not a strict schedule, we can be somewhat flexible about many of our dates. We'd like to stress that this is your holiday, and we'd like to help you to plan it, not do it for you!

Visitors to the ranch do not necessarily need to be experienced riders, just the desire is enough. We raise and train many of our own horses and so will find the one perfect for you! Terra very much enjoys spending time with people (especially kids!) who want to learn more about their horse and what they can do with them. As a guest you can have as many riding lessons as needed to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

The Chilcotin mountains provide many opportunities for photography
Photo © Chris Harris

In addition to the excellent riding, there are many different activities in the Anahim Lake area to suit all interests. We have some of the best fishing lakes in the Chilcotin, a great amateur rodeo (in early July), excellent foot hikes, and breathtaking sightseeing, to name a few. One of our nearby attractions is the beautiful Tweedsmuir Park: a 45-minute drive to the beginning of some of the most beautiful hiking you'll find anywhere.

As we do all of our own haying for the ranch in August, we do the majority of our mountain trail riding in July. Because our outfit is run with just family and friends, there will be very limited space for ranch riders in that month. Keep in contact though, because if we are not away, proudly showing off our mountains, you are welcome to come and stay with us!

British Columbia Magazine article on Six Mile Ranch and Itcha Ilgachuz

Overlooking a Chilcotin mountain valley
Photo © Chris Harris

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Trail riding in British Columbia's Chilcotin

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